About Mayumi

Mayumi was born and grew up in Japan. After she took a degree from a college, she worked only one year, since then, she has been house wife, raising two boys who are grown up now.
After she moved to the US, she took painting classes and exhibitted her paintings in Pittsburgh, Los Angels, Salem (OR), and Las Vegas.
Mayumi kept her interest in literature and painting all her life. She integrated those to create picture books in 2012, and published her first book "Dragolon Seeks the Sun" in 2013 winter thanks to writer friends and author friends.
She lives with her husband in Las Vegas now, enjoying swimming and playing the flute.

If you have any questions or comments, please call her (702-897-7386) or e-mail her.


1975: She graduated from Miyagi Gakuin Women's College (English Literature degree) in Sendai, Japan.
          She entered NCR Japan as a system engineer.

1976: She left NCR Japan because of marriage.

1984: She started art study, attending the painting classes in Carnegie Museum, Pittuburgh, PA.

1988: She started attending the art classes in Art Center, Rancho Palos verdes, CA.

1999: She became a registered artist at Salem Art Center, Salem, OR.

2005: Her painting was exhibited (Fall Art Roundup) in Las Vegas Art Museum, NV.

2006: Her painting was exhibited (Fall Art Roundup) in Las Vegas Art Museum, NV.
          Group art show in Red Rock Country Club, Las Vegas, NV.

2010: She got "Internet Design and Technology Certificate" from UNLV.
          She utilizes Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, and Corel Painter.

2013: She published her first children's book "Dragolon Seeks the Sun."